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Satta Matka Bazar Name

Game Type Open Time Close Time
Balaji Day 01:00 PM 02:00 PM
Play Kalyan 04:48 PM 06:48 PM
Rajdhani Night 09:30 PM 11:45 PM
Main Mumbai 9:40 PM 12:10 AM
Time Kalyan 12:40 PM 2:40 PM
Syndicate Night 08:10 PM 09:10 PM
Morning Syndicate 02:30 PM 03:30 PM
Milan Day 2:10 PM 4:10 PM
Online Ghaziabad 08.00 PM -----
Dubai Star Line 10:00 PM 03:30 AM
Madhuri 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Game Type Open Time Close Time
Morning Syndicate Night 10:00 PM 11:00 PM
Dhanlaxmi Day 12:30 PM 02:30 PM
Dhanlaxmi Night 10:15 PM 11:30 PM
Milan Night 08:55 PM 10:55 PM
Main Sridevi Night 07:00 PM 08:00 PM
Main Ratan Day 03:15 PM 05:15 PM
Madhuri Night 08:30 PM 10:30 PM
Kalyan Star Line 11.00 AM 10.00 PM
Milan Star Line 09.30 AM 08.30 PM
Bhootnath Morning 10:30 AM 12:30 PM
Balaji Night 08:25 PM 10:25 PM

About PS Game App

Welcome to the exciting world of online gambling. Enjoy making quick money with the PS Games App. Matka gambling has been a fascinating way of making online money using our verified application. For decades people enjoyed offline matka booking in Kalyan matka and Worli matka. Later, after the prohibition of booking matka in offline mode, the onset of online matka platforms drove the public crazy, and more people joined the matka world. The maximum credit of the immense popularity of the matka industry falls in the part of verified matka applications. These applications allowed people to play day and night games at their convenience, and thus, they attracted people to spend more time in online games. The more the popularity, the higher the number of competitors in the gambling sector. Soon numerous applications were making rounds in the, and selecting a suitable one is a task. We introduce and highly recommend installing the PS Games App for the listed points.

When we discuss PS Games App, we can assure you about its genuine and reliable services that have attracted millions of players daily on the platform. Presently, the app and site are ranking as a top in the matka industry with a massive user base. Collecting a vast user base is not a big deal, but holding them for an extended period is a task. It means the users trust the application and love your services. We do not openly guarantee any user or player for big wins, but we never leave our participants halfway to lose games. Our professionals always love to chat with them and assist them with the best advice. Our responsive service team is available 24/7 at your service to solve any issues. We also keep informing our valuable clients and users about the promotional offers via messages or emails.

How to Play PS Games?

Playing and making more money with PS Games App is straightforward. Follow the listed points and enjoy gambling with us.

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Why Choose Our PS Games App?

We understand your query about selecting PS Matka Games App to enjoy online gambling and win enormous. We mention some essential points about the application that make it easier for you to understand and choose to enjoy winnings in popular matka games like Kalyan Matka, Time Kalyan, Disawar, Dubai, Milan Day, Rajdhani Night, etc.

PS Games Play Full Rates

Regular Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800
  • Sangam - ₹1 pe ₹100

King Bazar

  • Single Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Second Digit - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Jodi - ₹1 pe ₹100


Starline Bazar

  • Single Akda - ₹1 pe ₹10
  • Single Panna - ₹1 pe ₹150
  • Double Panna - ₹1 pe ₹300
  • Tripple Panna - ₹1 pe ₹800


Pankaj Hande

Do you love playing matka or trying luck in gambling? You are on the right platform, and I recommend this site and application for all, especially beginners. The best of this platform is that you need not wait longer for the night game results like Kalyan, Mila, Starline, Morning syndicate night, etc. I usually enjoy placing bets at night. In the last six months, I rarely faced any server issues. When I play games without interruptions, it doubles my excitement and makes more profits.

WON : ₹ 17,000

Rajesh Mali

Winning in matka gambling makes you happy, no doubt, but it is not easy. I lost nearly 12 bets before winning my first bet. But I didn't change the application. I continued with the PS Games app because of its unique features, especially the wallet feature. It updates me on my investments, and I know when to withdraw without extra labour. It keeps me updated about my account section.

WON : ₹ 80,000

Manish Bisen

Everything on-site and in the PS Games app is appreciable. I have a good reason to continue on this platform. Before this, I played on three more online matka sites and was not satisfied with their payment system. But I love the instant withdrawals and deposits facilities on this site. Within 24 hours, my funds get deposited in my account without making any effort. Excellent services and impressive features.

WON : ₹ 56,000

Rajat Shrivastav

If you are looking or planning to enjoy gambling with a minimum of ten rupees, settle on this site and start making money. It is a trustable platform to play popular matka games like Syndicate, Janta, Mumbai, Sridevi, Balaji, etc., with unique features like guessing forums and live chat options. The app is user-friendly and secure. I appreciate the service of the support team immensely.

WON : ₹ 20,000

Sagar Patel

I never believed playing online matka could solve real-life problems. I was doing good in my job until I lost in the corona phase. For two years, I struggled to find a new job. My bank balance emptied, and I was struggling to survive. I lost all hope, and I gave it a try with a sum of 120 rupees. If I make a loss, it's not a big thing to lose, but if I win, I can gain my confidence, and that's what happened. I was always good at calculations and guessings. It worked here in matka games. I like to share my winning credit with the app's features, i.e. guessing forums, blogs, and appreciable support team. Do not miss a chance to try luck to win cash from the PS Games app.

WON : ₹ 35,000

Online Casino Games

Casinos are another exciting way to enjoy gambling. Travelled initially from foreign lands, it became more popular among Indians when played on online gambling sites and applications. Casinos have been fascinating people for decades with several cards and table games. Initially, it was believed to be a centre for rich people to visit and have fun. The fee structure to play casino games was higher for the middle and lower-class people. Thus, it was known as a gaming section for rich people for years. But, now you get to play casino games in applications like the PS Games App. PS Games App is the best application to live your passion for cards games and enjoy table games. You get a list of games like teen patti, roulette, cock-fight, andhar-bahar, poker, rummy, baccarat, etc. Also, the betting rate for these games is nominal. We can say that just in 300 rupees, you get an entry pass for both the matka and casino world.

Do not worry about casino results in the PS Games App because there is no manual interference, but pseudo-random number generators manage results and games. Also, the PS Games site is a verified online gaming platform with a legal licence to run casino games.

Are you wondering how to participate and play online casino games in the PS Games App? Not an issue. Please read the instructions posted on the site, or else connect to our support team that is humble and highly responsive. Also, the added articles will provide more knowledge about card and table games.

Do not miss an excellent chance to try and enjoy multitudes of online games and win colossally using the PS Games App.